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Project Title: Silkscreen Art Prints

Project Info: Original series of Silkscreen Art Prints inspired by the Cities of the world.

Historically Irish people have emigrated to work all over the world. There is a bridge in West Donegal called The Bridge of Tears (Droichead na nDeor in Irish). Family and friends of emigrants would accompany them as far as the bridge before saying goodbye, while the emigrants would continue on to Derry Port.

Recently many of our friends and family have moved to Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris, Berlin and many other cities all over the world looking for work. We are lucky enough to have been able to visit, be inspired by their new homes and create cultural links between these cities.

All of our prints are handmade in our Dublin studio using traditional silkscreen printing techniques.

We have made our hometown Dublin print that little bit special, adding a drop of Guinness to the ink and limiting the print run to 400.

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