Collaborator: ABSOLUT Fringe

Project: Interactive Community Project.

List: Click here for full list of fears

Project Info: There is a feeling of fear and uncertainty in our country. As a result of the greed of a select few, the majority of the Irish public are afraid. They are afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of never finding a job, afraid of not being able to pay back loans, afraid their kids will have to emigrate, to name just a few. The Irish public face many challenges today, as a result there is an urgent need for radical change, new ideas, imagination and inspiration in Irish society. How much stronger would the city feel if everybody shouts their fears. Therapy on a city scale. Click here to read the list.

ABSOLUT Fringe, A Brave New World. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved.

O’Connell Street

Townsend Street

Fade Street

Temple Lane South

Leeson Street Lower

Lower Hatch Street