Below is a list of fears shared in Dublin between 10-25 September 2011.
Thank you to everyone who shared.

I am afraid…

It is not the devils or the dead but rather the living to be feared
I left a beautiful city in 1954.
What I see now is some wonderful preservation “but new development? -UGH
Will I get back to London on time? Will I find a nice place to live soon?
Will I get that job in Belfast? Will I need to borrow more money?
911 again!
of being forgotten
of fear!
any place where god is not
of having regrets
of Berlusconi
of losing what I have
of the situation I’m in
of getting a fat ass
of marrying
of HIV
things not working out
of the future
of jack daniels
of heights
of my own indifference
i will get sick
of aliens
of nothing
of losing Petra forever
of the past that will come back
of the truth
of failure
of speedos
of the junior cert
of life
of being powerful
of getting my heart broken
of commitment
of being a loser
of myself
Richard Dunne
Chuck Norris
of dying
of losing what I have
of ignorance
of wasps
our generation
of the future
big booty bitches
of been homeless
rockabilly girls
less happy live
that the lunatics are running the asylum
from myself
of losing my teeth
that far away hills really are greener
of relationships
of the dark
of falling off a boat in the North Sea
of the Twat above
of stupid people
of losing myself
of Twink
of myself
of going back to work
of the big bad wolf
of running out of drink
of people
of little fluffy clouds
of getting older
of being alone
that i might get a little bit of toilet paper stuck to my shoe
of submarines(yellow ones)
of purple smurfs
of little green men
to go away from here
of Shapeshifters
of my flatmates
of not being able to breathe
of Hurricanes
to get drunk
of people with guns
willy wonka
or am I?
of desert prawns
of the monotiny of life
of Fan-Fan
of being happy
of never being happy
of not realising my potential
of life
of failing
of staying in my own ways
for me future
me ma
of me
of making scones
of homework
of being alone
to go away from here
of my wife
of the wind
of Americans
of the storm
to leave
of relationships
of the silence
of claire
I will not find a job
of naked men
eating cake
of my mum
of slim pickings
of falling in love
of ginger people
of chicks with dicks (it’s not right)
having my heart broken
of getting lost
of myself
of loosing people
of loosing you
of Bibi Baskin
of babies
enclosed spaces
of Muslim ladyboys
of dogs
of spiders me too
of going back to Finland
of pony soup
to be afraid
of aging
of dying
of being caught
of being too cool
of people
of commitment
of the wind
I can’t tell my left from right
of changes “I agree”
of being buried alive
of indecision
of termites
of fear itself
of being adult
of my temper
to let it all go
of shopping
of Kai
of love
of deep water & misspelling
of my sugar addiction
of racism
of freedom
of being stuck
of not doing everything
of bikram yoga
of loosing a tassel
of fat men with moustaches
of failure
of Irish People
of falling
of crabs (ones in sea)
of heartless
of sharks
of my shadow
of not having a sanitory towel
of absolute bridezillas
of that fucking sound
of Obama
of Rats
of blue waffle
of being a monster
of myself and patsy can
I hate being afraid
wimmin with big boobs
of cliffs
of bitches with wolves
of Aids (I think)
of Morrissey
of snakes
of dancing
of clowns
of fortune tellers
of the bush family
we got it right
of being alone at night
of being buried alive
to die
where the fuck is my bike
of stepping on cracks
of hard cunts
of myself
Ultra Zionists
of spiders
of children
of o.ding on hash
of Lobsters
of people
of fraidsters
of cold feet
of my strength
of nothing when you are with me
you will have to move along
tanyas’ boobs
of not getting my cat back
of wasps, jellyfish & bees
of failing
of beetles
you have been eliminated
Jellyfish Soup
of my thesis
your mum will dump me
of my wife
of people not loving
of cows
of soiling my pants
of ending up alone
that I am afraid
of prejudice
of never seeing my son
of solvent green
of the guy who tried to shoot me
of tequilla
of dark forest
of communism
of birds
of phd wielding wierdos
of never coming back to Ireland
of Goetamo
of trolls
of Garda
of Freemasons taking me
of Zionists taking over
to loose my voice
of ghosts
of dying
of non believers
of Larry Murphy
of confronting my father
staying in my own way
of kissing
of sex
to be alone
of life
of doro
of the government
of rats
of you
of judgement
of being left out
of glory
of darkness
of big spiders
of economic ruin
that i wont reach my goals
of being alone
for future
of failing
of my own dark side
of my forbidden love
of freaks
of baro
Miss Nolan
of the dark
of sexy people
of sir James
of Goats
of your ma
of prison
of Jesus
of pigeons
of dirty pants
of Sinead’s accent
of candles
of living on the street
because I am
of getting a boner in the gym
I have cancer
of loosing control
of loose buttons
of beetles
of chalk
much more than i was yesterday
you have been eliminates
that craig might say to neil “what are you doing out on a Thursday”
politicias are doing to the country
of the confidence of man
of english men
of my thesis
of growing up
of learning
of criminal minds
of pidgeons
of dirty pants
you will have to move along
of having babies
i am
of myself
of machine elves
because i am
lady boys
of people who don’t use ‘of’
of stepping on cracks
the kooks
the bush family
of vaginas
no one
your face
of sandals with socks
of aoife
of indecision
what the future holds
of russians
of your breath
Americans + their bombs / drones
of clowns
to let it all go
of being a monster
of fortune tellers
of being buried alive
being alone at night
of children
of love
me ma
cold feet
of needles
of being different
of whats under my bed
of dyxlexia
loosing my kids
irish people
of fights
ireland not winning the eurovision again
of getting battered
of being alone
chop sticks
i dont know what a tracker mortgage is
of girls(i swear)
of prejudice
of masculinity
of living
of ass rape
of my mentality
of all the bad grammer on this board
of not living
of being homeless
of reality cause its scary
of god
of people who speak in baby voices
of god
of Henry Street
of cycling in a hurricane
arthers day
of indifference
of following the wrong dream
of cold hearts
of that when i go asleep i will never wake up again
cold world
of running out of beer
of small spaces
running our of scones
be alone
of fear
men with small hands
losing biggie
of no money
me teachers
social situations
buckets of blood (jimmy)
mice / rats
ill do it again
of hippys
of hippos
blanch boys
of badgers
this box is taken
of my depression
admitting were afraid
this will wash away
my stalker
letting you down
of tele tubbies
of failing my mission
of being sober
of being wrong
of gooch (not any more)
the welsh
of frogs
of losing my way of life
of losing my mind
of orange faced people
crazy female engineers
i never love anyone the same
of bad eyebrows
of drunk
of war
of giving birth
of Jedward
of my new housemates
going home
of life
of mcdonalds
of Father
of being afraid
of not having enough money
my wife
of the future
your right
gay byrne
my ex-girlfriend
in general
the dark
my ma calling me by my real name
chuck norris
big bad wolf
i just fart
to be scared
to fall in love again
you will erase what i write
of not wanting to leave ireland
i might end up assassinating Berlusconi
of people checking what i write
of missed opportunity
of STD’s
of making the wrong decisions and of ants
of what i might do
you are causing a scene
of fear itself
of the budget
i have to ask you to leave
you’re going to die
you’ve got the wrong number
of step throat
my stupidity
of love
getting old
whiney music
lustful old women
no more spuds
of uncertinty
of changes
of yellow flowers
of needles in my back
of valor
of growing old alone
of getting lost
of being too happy
911 was an inside job
of psychos starting wars
of the boogy monster
of flouride in the water
of the NWO
of the rats
of the dark
of Tallagh
of being single
of silence
of octopuss
of worzel gummage
of Dai Cazzo
of the hist
of failing my mission
of a hangover
of pussies
of the guy behind you
of rape
of hairy men
of rape
of hair in my food
of seagulls
of footballs
of Fear
of myself
of fear itself
of trolls
of bananas
of you
me too
of college
of beach
of whales
of spiders
of loosing my way of life
of Adwords
of great whites in Croatia
of Dublin
of fish
of my sister
of my sisters breathe in the morning
of vegtables
of pidgeons
lack of time
of not having weed
of gear
of a car crash
of gingers
of the dark
to lose my job
getting barnacled
of change
of seagulls
of change
of losing my other half
of sweden
i wasnt strong enough to help her more
of IT people
of sex
of computers
of corrupt managers
of gobshites
of my bank
of myslef
of cops
of sadness
of potatoes (mashed)
of being stuck in my own way of doing things
of the taxman
of my heart being broken
of growing up
of not paying attention
of sharks and anything prehistoric
of flouride in my water
of psychos
9-11 was an inside job
my shadow
sex on the beach
being too happy
growing old alone
of the silence
of my hangover tomorrow
curved street
of pressure cookers
of the future
of giant purple balloons
my show
hair in my food
hairy men
the gardai
of things passing me by
of a REAL recession
of death
to say
of gin
of indecisive answers
of the pope
of writing on walls
of pedophiles
the garda will catch my boyfriend
Fundamental Catholics
gong to school
of government polocies
of being buried alive
of myself
giant babies
of gobshites
tax inspector
of sadness
make love not war
Virginia Wool
of an Ireland with MArtin McGuinness as President
of IRA
of falling in love
of being a number 3
sock puppets
of everything
to be alone
ah don’t sure it’ll be grand
of last orders
five stars
of writing of my fears
of future
I’m not afraid because I have Jesus
of love
of decisions
Narrow Minds
MY Ex-Wife
of losing myself
of mental illness
of choosing
of bitches
of being afriad, actually im fine
of rats
of bad sex
of being drunk
i must not fear, fear is the mind killer that brings total oblivion, i will face my fear
of using my head
of no weed
of mean clowns
getting old
you cant park here
of college
who ill wake up with
great whites in Croatia
my mother
of Stout
of unjustness
of unknown things
late late show
of the fact that you already forgot me
of ucrain guys
of Bernie’s Rosie
of Finglas
of Allah (god)
of Pat Nothing
of My Wife
the bag shop
to fly
of dogs
what might happen